Raymond Jester, Jr.
Outreach and Engagement Specialist
Raymond is brand new to FCS. He will be serving as the Outreach and Engagement Specialist for Baltimore City. In this exciting role, Ray will have the amazing opportunity to raise awareness and educate individuals on the impact of teen dating violence, teach on the benefits of healthy relationships and facilitate a violence prevention program for males only. Some of these powerful sessions and workshops will take place in middle and high schools, community based organizations and faith/religious institutions. Ray is a product of the Baltimore City public school system and has matriculated at Washington Bible College and the Samuel Dewitt Proctor school of Theology at Virginia Union University. He has earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Youth Development as a well as a M.Div. in Divinity and Community Development. Empowering and uplifting the community is what Ray has strived do to within his career path. He is an Amer-Corps alumni, served as a Family Service Coordinator with Head Start, Site Director for Big Thought After School Program (Dallas, TX), Elementary / Middle school teacher, Training Coordinator at Civic Works (workforce development), Youth Director for several congregations and many other proud moments of being a beacon of light. Ray views the new opportunity to have bold and courageous conversations about domestic violence and healthy relationships in Baltimore City especially amongst teens a win/win for everyone.