Ruth Anne Mwase
Healthy Families Family Support Specialist
For as long as Ruth Anne can remember children have been my favorite people and I have a passion to teach and support moms and dads to raise strong and healthy families. Ruth Anne has worked in her position as a Family Support Specialist since 2008, visiting clients and listening to their dreams and goals is music to my ears. Ruth Anne is passionate about supporting and helping families raise healthy strong babies and children from prenatal to age five. Seeing my clients change from ignoring cues, to engaging their children makes my heart sing. Ruth Anne received her degree from (DBU) Dallas Baptist University in Texas after completing my GED after my becoming a mother. Ruth Anne then moved to another state where she was offered the position of Parent Educator before Ruth Anne completed her second degree and was asked to work with Parent’s as Teacher’s. Ruth Anne has also worked with Middle school aged and High school age parents over the years and my joy was to see them complete High School, get jobs and go on to college while raising healthy babies to pre K. As an experienced Family Support Specialist, Ruth Anne specializing in helping clients connect with their baby, child and partner for the benefit of the growth and development of the child. Most of Ruth Anne’s families stay in the program for four to five years. Ruth Anne believes that the more connections you have the better your life will be because you have other people to turn to when in need or when its celebration time.