Rochele Jones
Director of the Foster Grandparent Program
In her current position at Family and Children’s Services (FCS), Rochele is on a mission to help “Bridge the Generational Gap”. Trained in finance, she has been an employee of FCS for 20 years as a Grants Manager until June 2015. Mrs. Jones was asked to run the Foster Grandparents Program as she was the grants manager for this program for over 8 years. She engages well with volunteers, peers, partners and funders. She understands her volunteers, their needs and is able to meet them where they are to get the best outcome. In just 2 years Rochele has managed to increase the number of volunteers from 48 (April 2016) to just over 70, and the volunteer stations have also increased from 18 stations to 24 stations and counting. Rochele has also partnered with all of the Baltimore City Senior Centers to help with recruitment.