FCS Case Management Teams

Northern Region Case Management Team

(F to B, L to R): Feamma Reyes, Megan Humphries, Kayla Lauer, Kayla Robinson, Sarah Harvey, Julie Jones, 
Melissa Olschewske, Tracy Hamm, and Kim Felder

Southern Region Case Management Team

(L to R): Luz Reyes, Tammy Wiggins, Ruth Anne  Mwase, Brenda Radtka, Elaine Carballo, and Ciara Wilson

FCS Staff

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Alexandra P Cargo Ph.D
Deanna Ferrell LCSW-C
Rebecca Fulp
Office Administrator, Harford County
Nicole Jackman LCSW-C
Clinical Coordinator (Carroll County) Therapist (Carroll County Advocacy and Investigation Center)
Lindsay Jimmink LCPC
Rochele Jones
Director of the Foster Grandparent Program
Jasmine McEwen LCPC, NCC
Heather McQuay LCSW-C
Clinical Coordinator
Michelle Moore
Clinical Therapist
Amie Myrick LCPC
Director of Education and Training/ Clinical Coordinator (Harford County)
Chelsea Nelson-Dorsey
Coordinator of Outreach and Engagement Serivces
La Shawna Obame MA, LGPC, NCC
Cecilia M Parker PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Jessica Placek LCSW-C
Sarah Quinn LCSW-C
Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services
Kelley A Rainey LCPC
Director of Domestic Violence Programs (Baltimore County and Carroll County offices)
Teena Robertson
Office Administrator, Carroll County
April Sandi LMSW
Therapist (Howard County Child Advocacy Center)
Margaret Schmidt LCPC
Tomi Schon LCSW-C
Gabrielle Scott LGPC
Sara Seltzer LGPC
Heather Sherbert
Southern Region Director of Case Management Services
Erin Stohlman
Southern Coordinator of Case Management Services
Ashley Sweet LGSW
Ilene S Gallner Toller LCSW-C
Clinical Therapist
Holly Troy
Receptionist, Carroll County office
Jenn Weeks LCPC
Therapist (Harford County Child Advocacy Center)
Kyra Whittenburg LCPC
Shaleece Williams
Medical Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Williamson
Coordinator of Northern Region Case Management Services